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June 14, 2012 Letter from Fred Hesketh to Joe Castaldi regarding his letter to

"National Guard Magazine"

May 23, 2010 Letter from Joe Castaldi to "National Guard Magazine

Anyone who has contracted type 2 diabetes needs to contact the VA and file for compensation. Important information can be obtained by going on the VA website, and typing in agent orange - diabetes. The VA announced on 11/9/2000 that type 2 diabetes is a presumptive condition for in country Vietnam Veterans. VA has found that their is a causal link between exposure to agent orange and contracting type 2 diabetes.
Exposure to agent orange can also cause the onset of other serious illnesses. Anyone who has developed a serious illness in the past 40 years should go on the VA web site and type in agent orange for information. In 2001, I worked at a Veterans home near Albany New York. During that year, I attended the veteran's legislative affairs meetings in Albany. This organization lobbied and promoted legislation that would help New York veterans.
Agent orange was discussed at one of our meetings. I questioned an individual who was very knowledgeable about agent orange and its use in Vietnam. He told me that the military dumped agent orange on Long Binh and the surrounding area in the mid 1960s. I shared info about agent orange with Bill Healey years ago. Bill passed this along at a local VFW post meeting. I hope this information will be helpful. My best to everyone at the 107th.....Dick Tyler